Here is the list of upcoming classes. To register and find out dates and times visit the upcoming class list calendar.

iPad 101: $85

A 3 hour intensive course that goes over the basics of the iPad. We will go over everything from turning the iPad on and off, copy and paste, managing apps, and a brief description of iCloud.

iPad 201: $85

A 3 hour intensive course where we discuss app management and go in depth on using apps to improve your productivity for business.

Facebook 101: $85

This is a basic class where we discuss using Facebook for personal use and how to best make sure you are secure while doing it. We will discuss privacy settings and sharing settings in depth to make sure you are sharing the information you wish to share. Prerequisite is at least having a Facebook page created and a laptop.

Facebook for Business: $85

In this class we go through the steps to get the most function out of using Facebook for business. We will discuss the dos and don’ts as well as you will walk away with some much needed information on how to best succeed with Facebook. Prerequisite is¬†having created a Facebook Business Page and you will need a laptop.

Coming Soon:

Twitter 101 and Twitter for Business

Pinterest for Business

G+ For Business


Geek Hours: $Varies

This is our option for those who wan’t in depth one on one tutoring. We are not tech support, but we have the knowledge to help you overcome some key barriers when it comes to using Apple products or Social Media. If you would like to book some time please contact us here.

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